Onboarding is a very common term used in businesses that require subscription and billing management systems. It refers to the process of enrolling new customers and setting them up with the product or service being offered. This process typically includes steps such as account creation, payment setup, product or service configuration, and any necessary training or support to ensure the customer can effectively use and benefit from the offering.

The goal of onboarding in subscription billing platforms is to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for the customer and to increase the likelihood of a successful and long-term engagement with the business.

The process of onboarding in a subscription business typically starts with account creation and then moves to payment setup, product or service configuration, training, and support, and finally ends with ongoing engagement. While creating a customer account initially, their contact details, billing information, and payment methods are gathered. After this, the payment method of the subscription is established. This could involve setting up recurring payments, processing a one-time payment, or securing authorization for automatic billing. Next, the customer’s account is configured with the product or service being offered after which the subscription and billing platform will offer training and support to help customers get the most out of their service. The onboarding process is complete at this stage and the business will continue to maintain ongoing engagement with the customer to ensure their continued satisfaction.

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