A ‘change of package’ refers to the process of modifying a customer’s subscription plan or package. This could involve upgrading, downgrading, or making changes to the features or services included in the subscription.

When a customer requests a change of package, the subscription management software will typically check if the customer is eligible for the requested changes based on their current subscription status and the terms and conditions of the subscription. If the change is approved, the software will automatically update the customer’s account and billing information to reflect the new plan and pricing.

The subscription management platform will also typically generate a new invoice or pro-rated charge for the customer based on the remaining days in the billing cycle and the pricing of the new plan. The platform will also provide a breakdown of any new features or services included in the new package, along with any changes in pricing or billing terms.

A change of package is a common process in subscription-based businesses that allows customers to modify their subscriptions according to their changing needs or preferences. The subscription and billing software automates this process, making it easy for businesses to manage changes in customer subscriptions and billing, while ensuring accurate and timely invoicing.

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